Buying Real Estate in Belize

Buying property in Belize has never been easier.  With english being the primary language, fee-simple ownership rights, affordable real estate, and in many instances developer financing opportunities, owning your slice of paradise has never been easier.


About 80 million Americans are retiring over the next 19 years, and many are considering tropical Belize as a retirement destination. With an amazing climate, the low cost of living and an adventurous outdoor lifestyle, retiring in Belize is a very attractive proposition.


Our buyers recognize the extraordinary investment potential that exists in Belize. Those with liquidity are utilizing incentives they can receive with large cash down-payments, and those who want to realize high returns on equity are using the power of leverage.


Where else can you find yourself living in a tropical beach house only seconds away from snorkeling along the barrier reef, or catching fresh fish for you to grill on the BBQ. In Belize you can take a leisurely stroll to a lovely beach or restaurants serving the freshest sea food.


A growing number of our clients also recognize the value of diversifying their assets with foreign investment. Clients tell us that they’re investing in Belize because they want to protect themselves and their assets in the event of any unforeseeable economic meltdown.


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